COLLABORATION: Is there a key? What's the purpose?

We've all heard about modern workplaces. It's all about being more open, social, and collaborative. Studies even show that working together on a task boosts performance.

"The results showed that simply feeling like you're part of a team of people working on a task makes people more motivated as they take on challenges."

Many companies now aspire, if not claim, to have open and collaborative cultures. However, only a few managed to achieve good results from a collaborative atmosphere. So what is the key?

It is suggested that the key to productive collaboration is PURPOSE.

With further studies, researchers found that certain factors such as incentives, recessions, and behaviors can all change how collaborative behaviors work. It's not as easy as setting up an open and collaborative workplace where you'll instantly see performance results. It's about creating the right culture so that collaborative behaviors flourish.

"Once the purpose has been established, it's important to ensure that your work environment all works towards supporting and promoting collaborative working."

Maybe it's an effort worth undertaking?