Mid-century modern style bucket chairs anchor this playful “hoteling” niche at Lazy Dog Cafe’s corporate headquarters. Furnishings by SOURCE Creative Office Interiors.

Once a unique approach to the design of corporate interior office spaces, the creative office blend of efficient and collaborative work spaces with lounge-y, comfortable breakout and collaboration spaces has only continued to grow in the contract furniture market over the last several years. As part of that continued growth, some in the industry have coined a new term for this burst of interest in the creative office concept: “resimercial” (RESI-dential + Com-MERCIAL). But why? From authors David Sheehan and Nicole D. Sheffield:

“Ideally, resimercial design engages the “whole employee” in the work environment – not just the intellect that comes to work. At the same time, a resimercial designer’s challenge is to balance the desire for the materials, colors, textures, fabrics, and patterns that render a feeling of warmth, familiarity and security with the pragmatic productivity and commercial durability required in the workplace. As the lines between living and working continue to blur, people are attracted to physical environments that feel less like 9-to-5 institutional factories and more like a home-away-from-home where they can be their best, most productive selves. Resimercial is a big step in that direction.”

David Sheehan and Nicole D. Sheffield

Work Design Magazine

Orange powder-coated industrial style bar stools make a style + color statement at Lazy Dog Cafe’s corporate headquarters. Furnishings by SOURCE Creative Office Interiors.

Contract Consulting Group conducted a survey of 250 A&D professionals as well as extensive interviews with key influencers in and around the design industry to gain a pulse on the industry’s thoughts on the matter. Their key findings?

  1. The driving factor in resimercial, not as a trend, but as a new way to view the entire office environment of the future, is the desire to bring the comforts of home into the working environment. In fact, the survey revealed that one third of all projects are now incorporating a more casual feel.

  2. Work can happen anywhere, anytime, due to technology that simply wasn’t available for previous generations. However, with that “always-on” mentality comes the idea that the actual workplace must also include elements conducive for relaxation.

  3. It was revealed that the top three drivers of a casual workplace interior include the attraction and retention of employees, a more advantageous work/life balance and increased wellness.

  4. 94 percent of respondents said resimercial design principles are here to stay.

Read the entire article here for more information. At SOURCE Creative Office Interiors a resimercial inspired look is one of many ways we can approach YOUR office furnishings. Whether your company is a traditional and conservative environment or a funky and cutting-edge tech start-up office, our team will turn your thoughts and ideas into a personalized solution - perfect for you and your employees. Get in touch with us today.