Ancillary is everything

From a Huffington Post article, the term “ancillary” was born to describe “everything else” in an office design project when 80% of a floorplate was systems furniture. However, as ancillary now nears – or sometimes exceeds – 50% of the square footage in many creative offices, the term hardly holds true. Ancillary is more important - becoming a primary driver of flexible and efficient alternative work and collaboration areas.  

Many brilliant workplace strategists, keen product development teams, and talented architects and designers are serving this industry well by doing their part to help design what this new world of work will look like in physical form, policy, and culture, but there is still much to figure out.

At SOURCE, we approach these hospitality spaces as natural areas for staff to ditch the desk for awhile and engage with others - or work on their own - in lounge and "living room" environments that have become so popular.

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