Sound Absorbing Art? Sign us up!

Another find from Best of Neocon 2018, "Pixel" by Scandinavian Spaces reinterprets sound absorption using beautiful natural, hand-picked Scandinavian Reindeer Moss.

Each Pixel element retains its colors, is fire-proof, absorbs & releases humidity to remain soft, and is completely maintenance-free.  Pixels are handmade, natural and made in Sweden.

A complimentary product, "Convex" too is a high-class sound absorbent product. The convex form of the panel allows for a full and distinct shape, while the moss' structure enables the absorption of sound waves from multiple directions. 

  • Natural & Authentic. Only 100% natural and authentic Reindeer Moss (Cladonia stellaris) is used.

  • High Class Sound Absorber: Pixel and Convex absorb up to twice as much sound as the industry average for products of same size and thickness.

  • Environmentally Friendly: Pixel and Convex Reindeer Moss is hand-picked with care for nature, and certified & approved by ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.

  • Fire-Resistant: Nordgröna Reindeer Moss is certified by ISO 11925-2 for interior use.

  • Air Purifying: Through a constant cycle of absorption and release of ambient moisture, air particles are removed.

  • Natural Humidity Indicator: Reindeer Moss dries when the relative humidity falls below 40%, and returns soft again above 40%.

  • Hypoallergenic: Nordgröna products do not contain toxic chemicals or components.

  • Maintenance-Free: The Reindeer Moss does not require any sunlight, watering or pruning.

This, and Bio Canvas, are a few of our newest green wall solutions - that removes the maintenance - while creating modern and eye catching additions in a creative office.