Logo my Eggo

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A new location, a new showroom, a new…logo?

Along with our upcoming move, we have been researching and developing ideas for a new and more graphic identity that, visually, will compliment and reinforce the commitment we have to our client relationships, our collaborative company culture, and our unique position in the southern California contract furnishings market.

We have read. And read some more. We bounce ideas around and we are left…overwhelmed!

\ ˈsȯrs  \

Definition of source

1a: a generative force CAUSE

b(1): a point of origin or procurement BEGINNING

(2): one that initiates AUTHORalso PROTOTYPEMODEL

(3): one that supplies information

Thank goodness we ♥ collaboration.

Excuse us - it’s time for coffee and another round of ideation and drafts...