Welcome to SOURCE

We have moved into our new showroom at The Launch in Irvine and we ♥ it! Our new workplace amenities include an outdoor meeting area, a really well equipped gym and a lobby that pulls double duty as a conferencing area.


Being in a unique and creative office environment inspired us to think of interesting ways to approach our entry corporate signage. One of the ideas, a living moss wall, got the thumbs up and we got to work designing.

A series of chunky repeating laminate “slats” created just the right amount of depth we needed to insert cut-down strips of a beautiful living product from Italy, Benetti Moss. We used a simple sans serif typeface for our new logo and had the signage fabricated by one our local sources, Eric Milligan at Brand Sign Co.

For furnishings, we worked with a partner vendor, Montisa, who provided Graphite and Yellow Ella steel lockers. From there, we designed a blocky black base and a rough-hewn wood top with waterfall edges, made by our friends at Millpro. The lounge chair is a comfortable delight - Lily from 9to5 Seating in a bold yellow.

What can we make for you? Our teams work with dozens of national furniture vendors and a lot of talented local artisans to design and craft personalized solutions for any office environment - what can we do for YOU?

We love what we do and are always happy to be of service - contact us today.